Hard Drive Fixes - A Quick Guide

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Hard Drive

Who We are?

We make Hard Drives Setup simple. Be it any popular brand of hard drive, we help you with its setup. We also offer troubleshooting techniques and methods to solve your hard drive problems. Our mission is to make hard drives easy for you.

We strive towards complete customer satisfaction. Through this website, we extend support and assistance for questions and issues related to your hard drives.

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How We Work ?

Through our dedicated team of professionals, we offer timely assistance. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and happiness. You can see how the following three criteria are important to us.

In case you have some concerns or issues regarding our services or troubleshooting methods, you can approach us for clarification of such matters. However, we ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the help and support we offer for the proper functioning of their hard drives.

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Timely Assistance

Timely help matters a lot. Whether it is the installation of your hard drive, backing up of data, or troubleshooting issues while using the hard drive, we offer timely support.

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Our No.1 priority is satisfying our customers with our services. We consider quality of service to be extremely important. We assure you that all aspects of our services are geared towards making our customers happy.


Driving School Insures

Our team of professionals is very well equipped. These members have all the experience and expertise required for assisting you and resolving your hard drive issues. They have tackled a variety of problems with well-known brands of hard drives so far.

What Do We Offer Help?

We extend our support and guidance in the areas of hard drive installation, resetting, backing up, and other such procedures related to the usage of your hard drives.

The instructions for the installation will differ upon whether you are using an HDD, SATA, or SSD drive.

Hard Drive Installation

We provide you with the required support and assistance for all types of hard drive installations. In most cases, you will be starting an installation by unpacking the drive, connecting it to your computer using the cable provided, and installing the necessary software on the computer.

Hard Drive Reset

Resetting a hard drive will delete all the data from it. Therefore, it would be wise to back up all the data on a hard drive before you start with the steps to reset it.When you reset any hard drive, the device will be returned to its factory default settings. Before you begin with any hard drive reset procedure, you can contact our tech support team for guidance and assistance.

Hard Drive Backup

There are several methods to make a hard drive backup.

There are various types of backups, such as full backup, incremental backup, and differential backup. Once you choose the type of backup you want to have, we can help you with the steps to create that backup. In case any issues pop up, we have troubleshooting methods in place. Using them, we can help you maintain and store all your important data.


Hard Drive Features

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Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of a hard drives is measured by the quantity of data that a user can store on it. Hard drive capacities are usually measured in gigabytes and terabytes.


Hard drive manufacturers are very much concerned about the reliability factor. By looking at the failure rates of hard drives, you can determine how reliable they are.

Battery Life

The battery life of hard drives and their power consumption differ according to the type of drive you choose. The battery life of normal hard disk drives (HDD) will differ from that of solid-state drives (SSD).


The speed of any hard drive can be measured in RPM. The data read/write speed of a hard drive is also known as 'transfer rate' . So, based on the RPM and transfer rate factors, you can pick your drive.

Styles and Sizes

Hard drives vary in style and size. There are 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch drives. We help you choose the style and size of the drive, depending on your needs.


The durability of your hard drive is based on whether it can withstand shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. This factor will vary from one brand to another.


Hard Drive Types

The different types of hard drives are described below. All three types are used for increasing storage space.


External hard drives can work on the outside of a computer or laptop. These drives can also be connected to the computers using USB cable. They are easy to use and handle.


A portable hard drive can be connected to your computer using a USB cable. The main distinction is that external hard drives need power from the wall outlet. But a portable hard drive is powered from the USB connection.


Internal hard drives work inside of a computer or laptop. They are much more challenging to handle and install than the external ones.


Hard Drive Types

Hard drives are classified into various categories based on their brand names. The following are some of the popular ones.




Hard disk types

Most of the Buffalo drives are sleek and attractive. They are also easy to use and many of them come with noise-reduction technology. They offer excellent storage and backup solutions.



Western Digital

Hard disk types

Western Digital drives are some of the best among all hard drives. WD also has a host of different drives with the names WD Elements, WD Passport, Passport Ultra, WD Black, etc.




Hard disk types

Seagate drives are compact. There are different kinds of hard drives in the Seagate brand. Some of them are BarraCuda, FireCuda, IronWolf, SkyHawk, etc. These drives are highly reliable.




Hard disk types

SanDisk drives operate at decent speeds. These drives are also rugged and feature data encryption.




Hard disk types

Dell external HDDs have amazing speeds. The Dell Backup Plus portable 1TB hard drive is very popular for its speed and high performance rates.




Hard disk types

Many of the Linksys routers are equipped with USB storage capabilities. These routers can be connected to most of the major hard drive models and thus provide shared data storage over a network.




Hard disk types

ADATA is famous for its fairly huge portfolio of external hard drives. These drives are well-known for their durability. Some of these devices come with a three-year warranty.




Hard disk types

The mobile, bus-powered hard drives from LaCie are pretty popular. LaCie is an American-French brand. Most of these drives are known for their rugged nature.




Hard disk types

Samsung has carved a niche for itself in the area of electronic devices. After Samsung sold its hard disk division to Seagate, the former began to focus on SSDs.

How to

HOW to setup hard drive ?

The setting up or installation of a hard drive depends on whether it is an external or internal device. The instructions for the setup will vary according to the type and category of hard drive you are using. The setup procedures will also differ according to the type of operating system you are currently using.

Right from unpacking the device to using it on your computer, we will assist you with the setup procedure for various brands of hard drives. We also offer support with the installation of the various programs/software that your device comes with.

You might have to partition your hard drive so that your computer recognizes portions of the drive separately. Usually, partitioning your hard drive will just take a few minutes. This procedure, again, varies depending on the brand of hard drive you are using and also the operating system that runs on your computer.

Due to natural or man-made disasters, your precious data might be lost forever. So, you need to back up the crucial files on your computer. Using hard drives, you can create backup files of your favorite photos, videos, official documents.

Usually, you just connect the hard drive to your computer. Then, you have to copy the files from your computer to the drive. Backing up your files will especially be useful if your system crashes suddenly. In some cases, you might have to format the drive before you start backing up files.

As mentioned earlier, resetting your hard drive will wipe out all the data from it. Start by connecting the drive to your computer using the cable provided. Now, go to the File Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac) and check if your drive pops up. You should be able to locate it quickly because it will appear with a drive letter.

Just select the drive and click on the appropriate button or option to reset it. You can also manually reset some of the hard drives if they have a Reset button on the back panel.

How to Install Software for Hard Drive?

For many of the SATA-based hard drives, driver download and installation are not necessary. Your operating system will, by itself, come pre-installed with the drivers required to run the most common hard drives.

Driver Download for Windows

You can find the list of download links for the drivers for your hard drive on the Microsoft support site itself. From this site, you can select your hard drive and locate the driver for it easily. And then, installing the downloaded driver onto your Windows computer will be a breeze.

Driver Download for Mac

In case you are using a Mac and wish to download the necessary drivers for your hard drive, you can visit the official site of the hard drive (external or portable) and get the driver from there.


How to Format Hard Drive ?

How to Format for Mac?

Many hard drives come with the format for Windows. So, they cannot be used on a Mac . For instance, most Western Digital (WD) hard drives come in the NTFS format, which is supported only on Windows. So, you will have to reformat the drive in the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format that can be used only on a Mac computer.Similarly, other brands of hard drives can be formatted to be used on your Mac device.

How to Format for Windows?

Many brands of hard drives come formatted, by default, for Windows. You simply have to plug in the drive (external) into your Windows computer.

Then, locate the drive on your computer, choose it, and select the Format option.

You just have to complete the rest of the on-screen instructions to finish the formatting for Windows.

Backup External Hard Drive to Cloud


Using cloud backup, you can copy all of your data over the Internet to remote servers. These servers might be located in diverse locations. You can easily and quickly back up all the critical data from your external hard drive to the cloud. By doing this, you can keep your data safe remotely. We extend our services to all the above aspects and procedures associated with your hard drives.


What is hard drive software?

The hard drive software is used to achieve various tasks such as partitioning, backing up data, recovering data, defragmentation, PC cleanup, speed test, disk usage analysis, disk encryption, file system checks, and error checking. By using the free partition software, you can create, resize, delete, move, format, split, merge, extend, format, wipe, unhide, or hide partitions. You can also use hard drive recovery software to avoid loss of data or can restore the system to its previous state in the event of disasters. Use the hard drive health check software to know the health of your hard drive from time to time, as the data on your hard drive is essential and crucial.

How to erase the hard drive and start over?

Knowing how to erase the data that is present on your hard drive is so important. Before erasing the hard drive, be sure you back up all the necessary files. Go to the Start menu, and click on the Settings option. In the S ettings window, choose the Update and security option. Select the Recovery option from the list of options displayed on your screen. Click the Get Started button to reset your PC. Now you can choose either the Keep my files or Remove everything option. Follow the prompts to erase your hard drive and to start over.

How to install a hard drive?

Installing the hard drive on your Windows computer is easier than installing it on a Mac. If the computer already has an existing hard drive, back up the information so that you can restore the data later. If you want to install a secondary hard drive on your PC, make sure the hard drive has an expansion slot that allows you to install a second hard drive. Turn off your computer, and install the hard drive on the motherboard. Turn on your computer, and access your secondary hard drive.

How to find how much hard drive space is available?

Checking the free space available on a hard drive is helpful if you suspect it's filling up or you are getting random error messages regarding disk usage. Open File Explorer. On the left-hand side, make sure This PC is selected. On the right-hand side of the window, find the drive for which you want to find out the available space. To know more about storage information, right-click on the drive and choose Properties. A general tab opens up, which lists the Used space, Free space, and Capacity. Apart from this, you would find a pie graph that shows how much space is available on your hard drive.

How to recover missing, lost, or deleted files?

If you have accidentally deleted your files, you can restore them from the Recycle bin. If the deleted file is not too old, it will be present in your recycle bin unless and until you haven't emptied the recycle bin recently. If you are a mac user, click the Trash icon that is found at the bottom of the screen. If there are many files in your trash, you can use the search bar to search your deleted file, but the deleted file should not be older than 30 days. You can also make use of data recovery software that are popular and reliable to recover your data safely.

How to format a hard drive?

You can format your hard drive either on Windows or Mac operating systems. Still, the concern is, it will format the entire hard drive as well as the entire operating system, so you can format a portion of the hard drive after creating a partition. On your PC, go to the Start icon, search for partitions. You will see Create and format hard disk partitions. Click on it. Select your hard drive and click the Action menu; then click Shrink volume. A new window opens up, figuring out how much space is available on your hard drive. Now you can initiate the partition by following the on-screen instructions and can format the hard drive.

How to make sure that all data is erased on a hard drive?

If you are pretty much concerned with your data being stolen or recovered from your hard drive after it has been sold or given away, you can follow the below methods. Make use of a disk wiping software, like DBAN (Darik's Boot And Nuke), which is one of the popular software in the market. Burn DBAN to a CD (Compact Disk) and boot from it. DBAN will erase everything from your hard drive. This method helps you get rid of your computer as it erases everything, including your operating system and all your personal data.

How to fix Windows not detecting Hard Drive?

When your Windows is not showing up the hard drive in the file manager or disk management, check the hard drive power cable and the SATA cable. If everything is fine, unplug and re-plug the hard drive. If the wires are damaged, change them immediately. The issue usually occurs due to these three reasons, driver issue, connection issue, or faulty BIOS settings. Update your drivers. Enable the hard drive in BIOS. Check if the USB controller is enabled, and save the settings.By following these simple steps, you canmake Windows detect your hard drive.