Freeing up space on your internal drive boosts your system performance. And, it also gives you additional space to save more photos. If you are looking forward to How To Backup Photos On Mac To External Hard Drive, consider the quickest way mentioned below. We have discussed how to back up your data securely without losing any item.

Method 1: Manually moving photos from the Photos library

  • Before starting the backup, connect your external hard drive to your Mac.
  • Check if your drive is recognized by your Mac.
  • If you haven’t formatted the drive for your Mac, go to Disk Utility and format the drive using the same file format you are using on your internal hard drive.
  • If you have already opened Photos, quit the application.
  • Click to open Finder from the Dock.
  • Open the folder that contains your photos. By default, your photos are stored in the Pictures folder on Mac.
  • Alternatively, you can go to your specific folder by clicking Go --> Home from the Finder menu bar.
  • Pick the photos you want to back up.
  • Holding the Command key, drag and drop the photos to a location on your external hard drive.
  • The time to back up photos on your Mac to your external hard drive will differ based on the size of the photo library.
  • Once the photos are copied, hold down the Option key and launch the Photos app.
  • Click the Other Library tab and go to the new location on your external hard drive.
How To Backup Photos On Mac To External Hard Drive
  • If you are using iCloud with your Photo library, click on Preferences and select the Use as System Photo Library option under the General tab.
  • Now, disconnect the external hard drive from your Mac.
  • Now you've discovered How To Backup Photos On Mac To External Hard Drive

Method 2: Automatic backup using Time Machine

  • Make sure that the external hard drive is connected to your Mac.
  • Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Choose Time Machine from the available list and click the Select Disk button.
  • Select your external hard drive and click the Use Disk button.
  • If prompted, enter your administrator password in the available field and click Continue.

Now, Time Machine will back up all of your photos on Mac to your external hard drive automatically.

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