How To Backup Toshiba Hard Drive

The Toshiba hard drive is designed to provide you a reliable and innovative storage solution. Using this driver, you can back up your important files from/to the drive. Scroll down this page to know How To Backup Toshiba Hard Drive.

Backing up data from the computer (Windows) to drive

  • Initially, check whether your Toshiba hard drive is installed on your Windows computer.
  • If not, plug the hard drive into your computer using a USB cable.
  • Next, open the My Computer window and check whether the drive icon is displayed.
  • If yes, insert the Toshiba drive's disc into your computer and open it. Install the drive by following the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Once the drive is installed, you can back up your important files on the drive individually or using File System Backup.
  • Individually:
  • Select the file that you need to back up.
  • Now, click and drag the selected file or folder into the drive.
  • File System Backup:
  • Open System Tools.
  • Select System Maintenance -> Backup -> Back up your computer or Backup and Restore -> Backup files and settings or Create Backup -> All files and settings or option of your desire.
  • When prompted, select the Toshiba hard drive that is connected to your computer.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to back up your data to the drive.
How To Backup Toshiba Hard Drive

Backup ⇒

Backup ⇒

From the drive to the computer

Now, let's see the steps to back up the Toshiba hard drive to your computer

  • Check whether your Toshiba drive is recognized by the computer. If yes, continue the following instructions.
  • Otherwise, unplug and reconnect the drive into your drive. Perform the necessary steps to make your drive recognizable.
  • Now, open the drive.
  • Choose the files that you wish to backup.
  • Use the Click & drag or Copy & Paste method to back up your files from the drive to the computer.

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