How To Format Seagate For Mac

This article tells you how to format Seagate for Mac. If you are looking to format your Seagate hard drive for Mmac, then you must read it thoroughly.Some users format their newly bought hard drives in order to make the hard drive compatible with their operating system.Some users format their hard drives to remove unwanted data in their hard drive.The other scenarios towhere people format a hard drive are when a virus infects it, or the hard drive may have some issues.Let us see how to format Seagate for Mac, irrespective of the situation.


How To Format Seagate For Mac
  • Open Finder.
  • Select Applications --> Utilities --> Disk Utility.
  • Click the View icon in the upper- left corner. Choose Show All Devices from the pop-up.
  • Choose the non-indented entry, and you will find Media in the name.
  • Click the Erase option.
  • Once clicked, you will see a pop-up window.
  • Give this drive a name.
  • Click the Format drop-down menu.
How To Format Seagate For Mac
  • Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  • Now, click the Scheme drop-down menu.
  • Select GUID Partition Map.
  • Click Erase.

Notice: Once you click the Erase button, the data on the drive will be erased, and the process cannot be reverted. So, make sure you back up all the required data before starting the format process.

  • Now, the Disk Utility starts formatting your drive. Wait until the formatting process completes.
  • Once completed, click Done.

Your drive will be formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). To confirm this, select the indented entry to find Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Volume under the custom name you have given.

Format Seagate For Mac

We have come to the conclusion part. By now, you should have known how to format Seagate for Mac. If you find any difficulties while formatting your drive, contact us for quick assistance.

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