On this page, you can find the perfect procedure to format your Seagate Game Drive for the Xbox One console.Xbox One is a gaming console that allows you to download your favorite games from online stores. You can do this by connecting this console to the internet. It also allows you to save and share your gameplay videos with your friends. The Xbox One console comes in different capacities, and 16TB is the maximum storage capacity offered by it.But, when you download and install more games on the console, there is a chance for you to face storage problems. However, you can fix How To Format Seagate Game Drive For Xbox One issue by expanding the console's storage capacity.

How can I expand my Xbox One’s storage space?

You can expand the Xbox One console’s storage space using an external hard drive that is designed specially and particularly for gaming needs. The Seagate Game Drive is an external gaming drive designed for Xbox One. You can connect and set up this drive with your console easily and quickly.The below section shows you how to format the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One.

Preparing the drive for formatting

How To Format Seagate Game Drive For Xbox One
  • Before beginning the formatting process, take a backup of the files stored on the Seagate Game Drive. You need to do this because there is a lot of possibility for data loss to occur while performing the formatting process.
  • If you haven’t stored any data on the drive, directly begin the formatting process by following the instructions below.

Formatting the Seagate Game drive for Xbox One

  • Initially, turn off the Xbox One console if it is turned on.
  • Now, get the USB cable.
  • Plug one end (USB micro-B) of the USB cable into the USB Micro-B port of your drive.
  • Connect the other end (USB micro-A) to your Xbox console.
  • Turn on the console and the drive.
  • Once the console recognizes the connected game drive, the Format dialog box automatically opens on the screen.
  • Format your Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • If the format screen doesn’t open automatically, open the Home screen on the console.
  • Select Settings > System > Manage Storage.
  • You can find the connected Seagate drive on the Manage Storage screen.
  • Select the drive and format it for the Xbox One console by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • If the drive is not displayed on the Manage Storage screen, it means the drive is not recognized by your console.
  • In this case, unplug and reconnect the drive to the console.

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