How To Reset Seagate Nas?

Seagate NAS is a Network Attached Storage device that connects to the network instead of connecting directly to the computer. You can access the NAS through the network, and it helps to deliver reliable and efficient performance. If you find your device performing slow or unable to connect to the network, Reset Seagate Nas that will help solve the problem. Resetting also helps boost performance and increases efficiency.

Steps to Reset Seagate NAS

Using the Reset button

  • Make sure that the Seagate device is powered ON.
  • Search and locate the Reset button on your Seagate NAS, which will vary by model.
  • Insert a sharp-pointed pen-like object into the Reset hole.
  • Press and hold it for 10 seconds to reset the device.
  • Release once the device gets reset.
  • Power off the NAS device.
  • After two minutes, power on the NAS device.
  • Once the device starts, use the new IP address from your router to access the NAS.
Reset Seagate Nas

Reset to Factory Defaults

If you are confused about when to factory Reset Seagate Nas device, take a look at the list provided below.

  • Corrupted NAS Operating System.
  • Need to start over clean.
  • Data or permissions are corrupted.

Let us see the steps to factory reset the Seagate NAS device:

  • Make sure that you take a backup of all the files before the factory reset.
  • Open your computer and connect it to the Internet.
  • Go to the official web page of Seagate and search for the Factory reset tool.
  • Select and download the Factory reset tool.
  • Check whether you have downloaded the file that supports your OS.
  • Launch the FactoryDefault.exe setup file to open the application.
  • Provide the required MAC Address in the respective field.
  • You can get the MAC Address from the back of the NAS label.
  • Select the Calculate option.
  • Make sure that you copy the link generated in the second field.
  • Open a web browser, type the IP address in the URL bar, and click Enter.
  • It will lead you to the login page and do not Log in.
  • Now ensure that there is a forward slash next to the NAS IP Address in the URL.
  • Now, place the cursor next to the last forward slash and paste the link you copied in the second field.
  • The Default configuration page pops up on the desktop screen with a Factory Default Restore button.
  • Click on the Factory Default Restore button to start restoring.
  • Click OK and wait until the restoring process gets completed.
  • Hope you will learn to Reset Seagate Nas, successfully.
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