Solved: Seagate Backup Plus Deleted Files Recovery

External hard drives like Seagate are designed to store, access, and secure all your data in one place. However, when using the external hard drive, there is also a chance for data loss to occur.

Some possible ways for Seagate Backup Plus Deleted Files Recovery are listed below:

  • Deletion of files accidentally
  • Formatting of the hard drive
  • Virus attack
  • Mishandling of the drive

Now, if you have accidentally deleted the files or lost your important files due to a virus attack or some other reason on the Seagate Backup Plus drive, then scroll down this page to know how to restore them.

 Seagate Backup Plus Deleted Files Recovery

Data recovery using Seagate's File Recovery Software Suite

This data recovery software of Seagate is designed to recover the lost or deleted files from the drive. The following section explains the data recovery process using the same.

  • Initially, download and install Seagate's File Recovery software on your computer.
  • Next, connect the Seagate Backup Plus drive to your computer.
  • Make sure that the connected drive is detected by the computer.
  • Now, launch the data recovery software to begin the restoration process.
  • On the main screen of the recovery software, you can find three options, namely, TEST A DEVICE, RECOVER LOST FILES,and ERASE DATA. Click on the RECOVER LOST FILES option.
  • Now, you will be re-directed to the screen that displays the external devices that are connected to your computer.
  • Select your Seagate Backup Plus drive from the list.
  • Click on the forward arrow icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, the screen titled “Select scan mode for: XXX” will open. (Note: XXX is your drive name).
  • If you wish to recover the files that are deleted recently from your Seagate drive, then click on the button labeled Simple & Quick.
  • Similarly, to recover all the files that are deleted, added, or formatted from the drive, click on the Advanced & Detail button.
  • Now, the scanning process will be initiated by the software.
  • Once the scanning is done, the files that are detected will be displayed on the screen.
  • Choose and preview (if necessary) the files that you wish to restore.
  • After you have chosen all the files, click on the Recover button.
  • If prompted, choose or create a folder to save the recovered files.

There are also some third-party data recovery applications that help you to perform Seagate Backup Plus Deleted Files Recovery. Some of the most-used third-party data recovery software are EaseUS, Recoverit, and Stellerinfo.

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Data recovery using third-party software ( Recoverit )

  • Download and install the Recoverit data recovery software on your computer.
  • Now, connect the Seagate drive to the computer, if it is not yet connected.
  • Launch the Recoverit data recovery software. On the main screen of the software, choose the drive. (In case your drive is not displayed on the screen, check and connect the drive securely and click on the Refresh icon beside the External Device section on the software screen).
  • After selecting the drive, click on the Start button.
  • Choose the Quick Scan or Deep Scan type on the next page.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to recover the deleted files from your drive.
  • Contact us to know more about how to do Seagate Backup Plus Deleted Files Recovery.

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