This article explains how to fix the “Seagate Central not showing up on network” issue. You can follow the instructions below if your Seagate Central used to work properly, but it is no longer coming up on the network. Without any delay, let's try to fix the problem.

Seagate Central Not Showing Up On Network


Sometimes, your computer may fail to detect Seagate Central due to unknown reasons. In this case, check other devices connected to your network to ensure your computer can communicate with them. So, it is better to connect your drive to other devices (for example, mobile devices, DLNA supported devices like Smart TV or BLU-RAY players) to check if they can detect it.

If other devices except your computer are able to detect and access your drive, then reboot your computer. Even after rebooting your computer, if the drive is undetected, then check your connections and ensure that the computer is connected to the same network as the Seagate Central. If the other device can detect but not your computer, the problem is with your computer or network.

If none of the devices can detect your drive, just move on to the next solution.


  • Ensure all cables are plugged in securely. The power cable should be connected firmly at both ends, and the Ethernet cable should also be connected securely at both ends. Once the connections are firm, check the LED status on top of the Seagate Central.
  • If there is no light, try to connect the power cable to a different electrical outlet with the exact specifications.
  • If there are no lights on the Central’s NIC, check if you are connected to a working LAN port on your router. Power off the drive by disconnecting it from the power supply and connecting your Central to a different Ethernet port on your computer. Now, power on your drive to check if the NIC lights up. If nothing has changed, change the Ethernet cable.
  • In case you find a green light blinking on top of the Central, it indicates that your drive is still trying to boot up. So, wait for 7-10 minutes to see if it works. Some routers may take a little longer to assign an IP address. Even after giving enough time to boot up, if the drive is still in the same state, then unplug the power supply to the drive, and connect the Ethernet cable to another LAN port on the router. Now, power up the drive and see if it works. Try using a different Ethernet cable if the problem isn’t solved.
  • If you find a solid amber light on top of the drive, again, give some time for the drive to boot fully. Power off the drive by unplugging it, unplug the Ethernet cable, and wait for 2 minutes before you replug everything and try again.

If the drive finally gets a solid green light but is still not seen on the network, continue the below solutions.


Even if you see a solid green light on top of the drive, sometimes, the drive may consider itself as ready and connected to the network. So, let's see how to resolve it.

  • Verify that your Seagate Central and computer are connected to the same network. Devices may sometimes get connected to different networks if you have more than one router.
  • Ensure that your computer is not connected to a Guest network that could prevent you from seeing your drive.
  • Verify your router’s administrator page.
  • If your router can have a list of attached devices, then access your router’s administrator page to check if the Seagate Central is listed among the connected devices. If you cannot find it, unplug your drive and Ethernet cable, and reboot your router. After rebooting your router, reconnect the Ethernet cable, and power up your drive by plugging to the power supply. Once the solid green light is illuminated on top, recheck the administrator page to see your Seagate Central.
  • If the drive is detected, you can access it and work on it like before.

We hope these instructions help you fix the “Seagate Central Not Showing Up On Network” issue. If the problem isn’t solved yet, call us immediately so we can guide you further and better.

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