Fix: Seagate Hard Drive Xbox One Not Working

Seagate has been one of the largest producers in the hard drive business for quite some time. There are a lot of people who tend to use hard drives ranging from 500GB to 2TB.

Do you know that you can also connect your Seagate hard drive to your Xbox One gaming console? Yes. You can.

With the help of an external hard drive connected to your Xbox One, you can get to save a lot of games directly to the device instead of the main memory.

There comes a time when any hard drive will have its own set of problems. So, over a period of use, you might also experience an issue where the Seagate Hard Drive Xbox One Not Working in some way.

In this Seagate hard drive troubleshooting article, you will be reading the steps or methods to repair the Seagate hard drive when not connected to the Xbox One gaming console.


  • Make sure that your Xbox One is properly turned on.
  • Restart the console. Press the Xbox logo button for some time and release it to perform the restart.
  • Try to connect the Seagate hard drive to a different USB port to find the proper connection.
  • See if the hard drive gets connected to your computer (the problem could be because of a USB cable ). Replace the damaged USB cable with a new one to ensure that the Seagate Hard Drive Xbox One Not Working, issue is fixed.
Seagate Hard Drive Xbox One Not Working


  • Make sure your Xbox console is turned on.
  • Locate the Xbox logo on the console.
  • Press and hold on to the Xbox logo button.
  • Use your joystick and select the Restart console option.
  • Select Restart.
Seagate Hard Drive Xbox One Drive


If your Xbox One console seems outdated, it could be one of the reasons why the Seagate hard drive does not work with the gaming console. Here are the steps to update.

Ensure that the gaming console is turned on.

  • Press the Xbox logo button.
  • With the help of the controller, select System -> Settings .
  • Go to the System section and select Updates.
  • If there are any updates available, install them immediately.


There could be a problem with the Xbox One operating system that could lead to the issue of the Seagate hard drive not connecting to the console.

  • Press the Xbox logo button.
  • Choose All Settings -> System .
  • Navigate to the Console Info & updates section.
  • Select Reset console.
  • For confirmation, select Reset and keep my games & apps.

Follow the troubleshooting steps/methods as described to ensure that the Seagate hard drive works properly on your Xbox One console. In case you have some queries or require clarifications while performing the Seagate Hard Drive Xbox One Not Working troubleshooting instructions given in this article, click the CALL button on this page. By doing so, you can get remote assistance from our technical experts.

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