Why Seagate Personal Cloud Discontinued?

“Is Seagate Personal Cloud discontinued?” This question (related to Seagate drive) is one of the most searched questions on the internet by many users in recent times. To know more about the same, continue reading this page.

The Seagate Personal Cloud drive is one of the best NAS drives that allow you to back up your data from a computer or smartphone to the drive and access them securely over a cloud network. The Seagate Personal Cloud drive also allows you to stream content from the drive to your smartphones, smart TVs, and other media.

This drive comes in four different storage capacities and is designed to work with the latest Windows and Mac OSs. The Seagate Personal Cloud drive comes in two different versions:

Seagate Personal Cloud
  • 1-bay
  • 2-bay

Both these versions offer the same functions. The things that differentiate 1-bay and 2-bay are the design, number of ports, indicator lights, and usability. Compared to Seagate Personal Cloud 1-bay, 2-bay is twice wide and has 1 USB port, 1 Ethernet port, the Power button, and the power inlet.

“Is the Seagate Personal Cloud discontinued?” YES! Seagate has discontinued the “Seagate Personal Cloud 2-bay” drive, and the Legit Reviews confirm it. But still, the Seagate Personal Cloud 1-bay drive is available for purchase on the Seagate webpage and in online stores like Amazon.

Why was Seagate Personal Cloud discontinued? There are not so many reasons, but one important factor that made the Seagate drive developers discontinue this version of the drive is “Low Sale.” Even if the Seagate Personal Cloud 2-bay drive offers great features, many people prefer purchasing and using the Seagate Personal Cloud 1-bay drive. This thing has affected the sales badly. So, Seagate had to discontinue its Personal Cloud 2-bay drive. Seagate also said that they are “trying to focus more on the 1-bay version to improve its backup and storage capability.”Contact us to know more about the Seagate Personal Cloud drive.

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