The WD My Passport external hard drive is very popular in the market as it is compact and has a large storage capacity. Still, errors can occur now and then. You can follow the below-given methods to troubleshoot the issue happening on your WD My Passport external hard drive.


  • If there are multiple USB ports on your PC or laptop, then try to connect the WD My Passport external drive to another port.
  • Make sure that the USB ports are functioning properly on your PC.
  • Sometimes due to no usage, USB ports may not function properly.
  • If your WD My Passport is recognized by connecting to another USB port, which means the troubleshooting steps are over.
  • If not, then follow the below-given methods.


  • The second troubleshooting step one needs to look for is, checking the USB cable.
  • If the USB cable is damaged on any side, this may lead to the WD My Passport external hard drive malfunction.
  • Use a new USB cable, and if the hard drive is working as before, this means that the fault is with the USB cable and not with the WD My Passport drive. Keep reading to get wd my passport troubleshoot steps.
WD my passport external hard drive troubleshooting


There are two ways of assigning a drive letter for your WD My Passport external hard drive. One is by using the Windows built-in Disk Management, and the other one is by using any third-party partition manager. Disk Management is a Windows built-in disk partitioning tool that has some basic features such as managing the disk, disk partitioning, formatting the drive, shrink partition, delete partition, change drive letter, and so on. Follow the below-stated steps one by one to change the disk letter.

  • Go to the Windows Start menu and type Disk Management in the search box.
  • Go to the Disk Management Window, then select the WD My Passport Ultra drive in the main interface.
  • Right-click on it and choose the Change drive letter and path from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Add button from the small dialog box.
  • After that, return to the main interface to check whether you are able to access the WD My Passport external hard drive.
  • Keep in mind that Disk Management will help you change the drive letter, but the features are limited (might lack some of the basic but essential features).


It may look weird, but checking the antivirus software comes under one of the main troubleshooting methods. Some malware or virus attacks can give rise to malfunctioning of the WD My Passport external hard drive.

Run a complete system scan on your PC. If you find any malware on your computer, fix the same as soon as possible. So, these are some of the troubleshooting solutions that you can follow to get rid of the WD My Passport external hard drive issues. Finally get wd my passport troubleshoot steps.

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