Quick Steps: WD My Passport Not Showing Up Windows 10 - Issue Fix

WD My Passport is an external portable hard drive that helps store and transfer many files at a tremendous speed. The device is designed compactly and stylishly to fit your palm and you can travel to any place you wish with the device. It also comes with the WD Discovery software that enhances the device's productivity and an in-built password protection tool that makes your content on the drive safe and secure. While connecting the device, there may be some technical issues that cause some errors, or your PC may not detect your WD My Passport. But such problems can be solved by simple troubleshooting. Let us see how to fix the 'WD My Passport not showing up in Windows 10' issue.

Steps to fix WD My Passport not showing up in Windows 10

Restart your PC

Connect the WD My Passport device to your Windows 10 PC and make sure that the device gets detected. If not, try the first and foremost step of restarting your PC. Restarting is the process that enables some programs from the sleep mode. Try restarting before going through any other technical troubleshooting.

Check the connectivity

Make sure that you connect the WD My Passport via the WD USB cable. If the problem of not detecting persists, try disconnecting the USB cable from the device and connect it to another port. Make sure that it works. If not, try changing your USB cable and now connect the device with another one. Check whether the device gets detected on the Windows 10 PC.

Run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

Running the hardware and devices troubleshooter helps detect and fix the hardware devices connected to the Windows 10 PC.

  • Go to the Start menu and select Settings.
  • Click on the Update and settings option and select Troubleshoot from the left panel of the page.
  • Click on the Hardware and Devices option and select Run the troubleshooter.
  • Wait until the troubleshooter detects the problem and fixes the WD My Passport not showing up in Windows 10 issue of your WD drive not getting detected.
WD My Passport not showing up in Windows 10

Change the driver letter

Sometimes, the clashing of two drives having the same drive letter may result in the 'not detecting the device' issue. Try changing the drive letter and check whether the WD My Passport not showing up in Windows 10 issue gets detected.

  • Select the My Computer icon on the desktop and right-click on it.
  • Choose the Manage option from the list.
  • Now, select Disk management and make sure that the WD My Passport external hard drive is listed on the Disk Management page.
  • Right-click on the WD My Passport drive and choose Change drive letter and paths.
  • Click Add and assign a new drive letter in the Change drive letter and paths window.
  • Click OK to save the changes.
  • Now, check whether the device gets detected.

Format WD My Passport

If any of the above methods fail to work, try formatting the external device as formatting enables the device to get detected on the PC. Make sure that you create a backup of all your files before formatting the device.

  • Go to the Disk Management section on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Select the WD My Passport external hard drive.
  • Right-click on the unallocated space on the hard drive and select Format.
  • Provide the required details, such as drive letter, name, and the type and click on the Perform quick format option.
  • After providing all the details, you'll have to click on the Save button to save the changes.
  • Wait until the formatting takes place and make sure that the device gets detected on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Hope now you have solutions to fix WD My Passport not showing up in Windows 10 error.
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